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Maharishi Amrit Kalash – The Rasayana of all Rasayanas

ISSUED // September 18

Maharishi Amrit Kalash – The Rasayana of all Rasayanas

In Ayurveda, Amrit Kalash is considered the rasayana (rejuvenative) of rasayanas–the quintessential Ayurvedic herbal compound for all-around longevity, health, and vitality at any age and stage of life. This super antioxidant contains dozens of Ayurvedic fruits and herbs (like ashwagandha, gotu kola, and amla berry), each of which is a potent rasayana in itself. In this article, we’ll explore the rich history and benefits of this special formula.

What is a Rasayana? 

In Ayurveda, rasayanas are considered the primary method for promoting vigor and health. The original Sanskrit definition of “rasayana” is: “that which negates old age and disease.” In another translation, the word is described to mean “that which enters the essence.” 

In short, a rasayana is anything that preserves health and longevity. Rasayanas also support the experience of transcendence, offering profound nourishment and balance. 

What is Amrit Kalash?

Made according to the ancient, traditional texts, our Amrit Kalash is a two-part, rejuvenative herbal formula that includes 1) a  Nectar Paste herbal fruit concentrate (also available in sugar-free tablet form) and 2) Ambrosia herbal tablets.

Taken together, these two formulas help to:

  • Promote longevity
  • Supports the memory
  • Sharpen the intellect
  • Lend luster to the skin
  • Support stamina and immunity

Traditional benefits of Amrit

The ancient Ayurvedic texts bestow high praise on this traditional formulation. Charaka Samhita, the oldest existing Ayurvedic text, refers to Amrit as the “nectar of immortality,” because it feeds the body's seven tissues: 

  • nutritional fluid
  • blood
  • muscle
  • fat
  • bone
  • bone marrow
  • reproductive fluid

Also known as the “Golden Cup of Longevity,” Amrit promotes learning, retention, and recall and helps support a healthy aging process. Additionally, Amrit supports bala, the vital strength that supports the mind and body in maintaining health. Last, but certainly not least, Amrit is tri-doshic, balancing the three Ayurvedic mind-body types, or doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Beneficial for people of all ages, Amrit is an excellent daily supplement. Read our article on children, rasayanas, and Amrit Kalash

Scientific benefits of Amrit

Chemical analysis shows that Amrit contains an abundance of phytochemicals—compounds that have many beneficial properties. These include antioxidants like vitamins C and E; polyphenols; bioflavonoids; beta carotene; catechin; tannic acid; and resveratrol. Let’s break some of those down: 

  • Polyphenols help against the effects of free radicals. Polyphenols include both water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants, and can support vitamin C and E levels. Vitamin C helps promote immune function. As the human body does not produce it, vitamin C must be obtained from foods or food supplements.

  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes youthfulness and nourishes the brain. Resveratrol is a polyphenol with antioxidant properties, and supports cholesterol and platelet health.

  • Bioflavonoids are a group of polyphenols with the highest antioxidant power. These help against the effects of free radicals and have been shown to help maintain healthy levels of both LDL and HDL cholesterol.
    “Bioflavonoids are present in their most concentrated form in herbs,” says Hari Sharma, M.D., author of Freedom from Disease

In one of our newsletter archives, osteopath Dr. Jim Davis offers his insights on
Ayurveda and Amrit.

The history of Amrit

The ancient Vedic texts tell the story of Samudra Manthan, “The Churning of the Ocean.” Humanity was steeped in suffering, so the Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the mighty ocean. From its waters, emerged Amrit Kalash—the Nectar of Immortality. 

A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom

In the 1980s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of both Maharishi AyurVeda and the Transcendental Meditation® program, gathered the most distinguished Ayurvedic physicians and scholars of the time to explore strategies for promoting a healthier society. One of the primary fruits of these cooperative labors was to revive Amrit Kalash.

This powerful formula represents a modern synthesis of great, ancient knowledge. Viewed in this light, its plethora of benefits is hardly surprising.

Meticulously Made in Accordance with the Ancient Texts

The production of Amrit Kalash is no simple matter. It takes 250 meticulous steps to prepare. Twenty-two pounds of raw ingredients are required to produce a single jar of Amrit Nectar. Forty-four rare herbs are slow-cooked at low temperatures to protect vital nutrients which would be destroyed by heat. This specific attention to tradition and detail–using “antiquity processing”–ensures a genuine Ayurvedic product of optimal potency. 

The formula for Amrit was passed down in its purity by generations of Ayurvedic physicians. Today, we continue preparing it in accordance with the traditional texts. The Amrit production process hasn’t changed since ancient times, when only a select few knew the formula. 

A Pure, Potent Antioxidant Rasayana

In Amrit Kalash, rare herbs and fruits come together in one very well-researched and potent product to provide you with a pure, antioxidant Rasayana. 

For more information on Amrit Kalash, check out our article on Amrit Kalash: Super Antioxidant and “Queen” of the Rasayanas.

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