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Throw Yourself a Pamper Party

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury — it's a key part of staying healthy. But squeezing a spa treatment into the schedule and the budget is another story. Here's an idea: set aside an evening to throw a pamper party just for you.

Sounds complicated? Here are six simple steps.

  1. Set the stage to unwind

The first step is to tell your family or apartment-mates that you're taking the evening off and don't want to be disturbed. If you have young children, arrange for your husband or friend to take care of them. Lock the door and turn off your cell phone. This is essential — in order to fully relax, you need to have the feeling that the whole evening is for you, a retreat from your daily life.

  1. Light the candles, turn on calming music, start some aromatherapy

Be sure the bathroom is warm enough. If necessary, turn on a space heater. For your aromatherapy, be sure to use pure essential oils, as strong synthetic scents can actually create excitation and strain the nervous system. Try the pure essential oil of Orange Red for calming stress, Rose for balancing the emotions, and Cypress for rejuvenating. Or choose Blissful Heart or Worry Free Therapeutic Aroma Oils, which contain a powerful blend of oils to create the desired effect.

  1. Give yourself a luxurious Ayurvedic oil massage

Self-massage is an amazingly effective stress-relief technique — and it's virtually free. Use Youthful Skin Massage Oil for Women for an aromatherapy and sensory treat. First take the time to warm up the massage oil (maybe you feel like skipping this step, but the idea here is to slow down and allow the warm oil to penetrate deep into the skin, creating deep relaxation and helping to replace tired lipid molecules with vital new ones).

Begin your ayurvedic oil massage with your head and end with your feet. With light, repetitive motions, use your open hand (not just the fingers) to stroke the long bones of the body in long, sweeping, back-and-forth motions. Circle the joints gently. Pay special attention to the head, face and ears, and also the feet, as this is where many nerve centers reside. Take your time. Plan to spend 15-20 minutes on the massage alone.

  1. While the massage oil soaks into your body, cleanse your face with a nourishing herbal mask

Apply bentonite clay to your face, relax, and feel the tension flow out of your mind and body. The perfect way to naturally exfoliate and detoxify your skin, this clay efficiently removes embedded impurities. Gently rinse the mask after it dries, and then cleanse your skin with Youthful Skin Herbal Soap.

  1. Take a leisurely, relaxing bath, at least fifteen minutes long

The temperature should be warm but not hot, as hot water dries the skin. Add aroma oils to the water for an extra lift. Use Soothing Jasmine or Refreshing Rose aromatherapy cleansing bar to relax and cleanse at the same time.

Perhaps it's been a while since you did this — or maybe never. Most women today barely have time for a quick shower. Yet luxuriating in the bath is a time-honored way for women to shed stress and recover their strength.

  1. Moisturize after your bath

For your face, first smooth on a small quantity (2-3 drops) of Youthful Skin Oil with gentle upward strokes after you cleanse and tone. This a delicate blend of herbal extracts and essential oils that provide lipid support for the seven layers of the skin, keeping it soft and youthful-looking.

End your beauty routine with Youthful Skin Cream. This potent ayurvedic formula intercepts and neutralizes oxidants before they damage your skin, provides nourishment for natural, healthy skin-cell growth, and helps stimulate collagen synthesis.

Independent research confirms that the Youthful Skin Cream significantly improves skin thickness, reduces fine lines, increases moisture content, supports skin firmness, and augments skin smoothness and clarity.

After your bath you can curl up in bed with a quiet book or gentle music. Or maybe you want to drift into a deep, sweet sleep. Either way, you'll wake up feeling fresher and more dynamic than ever. So remember to pamper yourself for your health and well-being.

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