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Nourishing Mung Dahl Soup

ISSUED // February 28

Bowl of split yellow mung dahl

Why we love this recipe

When you're looking for an easy to digest meal that quickly transforms into nourishing energy, try this simple mung bean dahl soup. This meal is great on days when your digestion is a bit sluggish, feels delicate, or when your energy is low. Drinking this dahl like a soup will infuse more fire, air and ether into your diet, thus reducing Kapha

This classic mung dahl tastes wonderful!  It's made from split mung beans, which can be found at many natural, whole food grocers and most Asian markets.  Split mung beans are balancing to all three doshas, the most easily digestible legumes available, and they cook quickly. Easy to make and easy to digest: win, win!



  1. Heat dahl (dry) in a skillet for three to four minutes. 
  2. Boil water separately. Add dahl, and stir briefly. 
  3. Boil about 20 minutes, until the dahl is tender to soft. 
  4. Season with the churna of your choice. 
  5. In a separate pan heat ghee. Add all seasonings and stir until they give a sudden burst of aroma. 
  6. Then pour over the dahl, stir once and cover immediately. 
  7. Let stand covered for five minutes to absorb.

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