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Shatavari Ghee & Rose Latte

ISSUED // August 11

Shatavari Ghee & Rose Latte

Why we love this recipe

Have hot summer days and nights got you craving cooling, calming foods and drinks to pacify Pitta dosha? Whip up this creamy rose latte featuring Shatavari Ghee—an herbal ghee preparation purposefully paired to amplify the bioavailability of the herb. 

Shatavari—a celebrated, traditional Ayurvedic women’s health tonic—rejuvenates the female reproductive system and helps to harmonize hormones. Our recipe calls for shatavari ghee—in which organic ghee is infused with shatavari. In shatavari ghee, the ghee (clarified butter) acts as a carrier, enhancing the nutritive qualities of both the herb and the ghee itself. 

Shatavari ghee benefits include:

  • promoting female hormone balance
  • supporting both a smooth menstrual cycle
  • supporting the menopausal transition

Cooling coconut and refreshing rose water help to balance Pitta dosha while uplifting the heart and emotions (learn more about roses, the heart, and Ayurveda). Cardamom is an excellent digestive and pure, organic raw honey adds a rich, natural sweetness.

Enjoy this luscious shatavari ghee latte as a nourishing nightcap year-round, or anytime you want to pause, pacify Pitta dosha, and restore your radiance and vitality!

Serves 1




  1. Slowly warm the coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Add Shatavari Ghee, rose water, and cardamom and whisk until combined.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat. Once the mixture has cooled slightly (warm, but not hot to the touch), stir in the honey*.
  4. Pour into your favorite mug and top with optional edible rose petals to garnish.

*According to Ayurveda, heating honey to high temperatures renders it toxic. Add honey only after your beverage/food has come down to a comfortable drinking/eating temperature. Learn more about Ayurveda and honey.

Taste notes

Creamy, cooling, sweet spice, and faintly floral.


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