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Sunday Brunch Live Episode 2: Rasayanas & Other Ayurvedic Secrets for Youthful Vitality.

Serving up fresh perspectives on the ancient science of Ayurvedic eating, herbs, and living—with special guests answering YOUR questions
“Rasayanas & Other Ayurvedic Secrets for Youthful Vitality!”

Enjoy brunch discussion with your hosts Shawn Diddy, CHC, and Sankari Wegman, PhD, plus this week's special guest, Ayurvedic expert Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D., author of The Healthy Brain Solution for Women Over 40: 7 Keys to Staying Sharp, On or Off Hormones and The Ageless Woman. You’ll learn: All about Rasayanas, “that which promotes life essence”. What to eat to maintain a vital mind and body. Why antioxidants and free-radical-scavengers are so important. Why a healthy mindset matters. About Ayurvedic elixirs for immunity, digestion, and vitality.
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