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Bennd Yoga

Experience yoga and meditation anew with Ayurvedically-minded, traditionally-made yoga mats, meditation pillows, and textiles. All plant-dyed, hand-loomed, and eco-friendly.

Hand-loomed yoga mats, meditation tools & textiles

Bennd Yoga is a leader in the shift towards yoga and meditation accessories that match the lifestyle they’re intended for—their all-natural, non-toxic yoga mats and meditation pillows support health, and are made in harmony with the planet. They employ local Indian craftsmen in hand-spinning 100% ethically sourced raw cotton threads and textiles that become hand-loomed and hand-dyed using traditional Ayurvedic techniques. Bennd textiles are dyed with Ayurvedic herbs, and their warehouses hum with the sound of Vedic chants each night.

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Bennd Yoga
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Bennd Yoga

Chakra Mat

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Bennd Yoga

Single Harda Mat