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Made By Yoke

Intentionally created Ayurvedic self-care products curated by wellness practitioners, yoga instructors, and meditation teachers. Aromatherapy, pure perfume oils, and lifestyle goods.
Made By Yoke

Science-Based Self-Care: Tools for Sustainable Wellness

The word “yoke” was chosen from the Sanskrit root of yoga meaning union. Made by Yoke’s carefully curated collections of Ayurvedic lifestyle goods serve to integrate and balance the body, mind, spirit, and environment. Their luxurious perfume oils and aromatherapy goods are made according to Ayurvedic lunar cycles and batched seasonally to preserve freshness and extract the full nutritive value. Their traditional incense blends are hand-rolled and sprinkled with essential oils before drying underneath the California sun.

Made By Yoke
100's of products available from our partnering Ayurvedic artisans
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