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Pure Indian Foods

Handmade, unique herb and spice-infused ghee products produced with time-tested and honored family techniques that go back 5 generations and 130 years
Pure Indian Foods

Ayurvedic Artisan Ghee: A Family Legacy

Since 1889, the Agarwal family has been passionately producing the highest quality ghee using their family’s traditional techniques. In their New Jersey commercial kitchen, the ghee is made by hand in small batches from organic, non-homogenized milk obtained seasonally, only when the cows have access to fresh green grass. Many of their ghee products follow a traditional culturing process to enhance its digestibility. Before being churned into butter and clarified to produce ghee, the cream is fermented into yogurt. It then undergoes lab testing to ensure very low levels of lactose, casein, and whey, making it a great choice for those sensitive to dairy.

Pure Indian Foods
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Pure Indian Foods

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