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Respiratory Support Products

Breathe easy! Bolster natural immunity, help balance moisture and mucus in the lungs, cleanse and clear the bronchial channels, soothe the occasional cough and inhale lung-loving aromas. 

WELLNESS SETS - save 35%!

Enjoy more of your Ayurvedic favorites for less this summer. Our curated Ayurvedic Wellness Sets help you balance your doshas, target specific wellness goals—and save!

Maharishi AyurVeda

Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Jam


Maharishi AyurVeda

Organic Tulsi


Maharishi AyurVeda

Clear Breathe


Maharishi AyurVeda

Allergen Defense Set

$90.00 $72.00

Maharishi AyurVeda

Sniffle Free Tea

$121.00 $97.00

Mountain Rose Herbs

Breathe Essential Oil


Mountain Rose Herbs

Eucalyptus Roll-on

$106.00 $85.00

Maharishi AyurVeda

Sniffle Free®