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Spring Sunrise

Family founded and run, Spring Sunrise provides organic, grass-fed ghee traditionally produced in their sunny, solar-powered Iowa kitchen, and pure, organic sustainably sourced wildflower honey.
Spring Sunrise

Small Batch, Grass-Fed Ghee-Liciousness & Buzz-Worthy Raw Honey

Spring Sunrise produces their ghee from the butter of happy, pastured cows with access to fresh green grass year-round. Their production methods follow traditional Ayurvedic principles; the ghee is slow-cooked in small batches without shortcuts. The result is grass-fed ghee-liciousness with superb flavor, nutrition, and a rich, golden color.

Their organic, raw, wildflower honey is sustainably sourced from Brazilian beehives surrounded by 3 miles of fields free from pesticides and herbicides. In order to preserve the honey’s natural nutrients, it’s never heated above 104°F and is minimally processed.

Spring Sunrise
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Spring Sunrise

Organic Ghee Butter 8oz