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The āsmi Story

Murali Nair grew up steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom in Kerala, India, the home of Ayurveda. His family used fresh hibiscus paste for shampoo and used tulsi leaves for therapeutic tea. Now, the āsmi Ayurveda founder is bringing the connection between nature and people back to the core of the modern Ayurvedic marketplace.

Āsmi works with renowned Ayurvedic experts to craft their sustainable, handpicked tea blends, nourishing body oils, and other goods. They strive to be conscious and earth-friendly in all they do.

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A Climate-Positive Approach

Āsmi believes in a conscious approach to self-care, as well as a conscious approach to our earth’s resources. They use regionally produced glass bottles for their Ayurvedic perfume oils and the outer packaging is crafted from certified ecological paper. Their aluminum-free, paper tea bags are ecologically made with compostable labels.

They strive to compensate for CO2 emissions whenever positive. Āsmi also supports the construction of an India-based biogas plant, which empowers locals to cook without firewood, thus leaving critical forests intact.


Inclusivity & Community

The goal of Ayurveda is to nourish and uplift. With that in mind, āsmi's signature perfume oils are produced with love and care in a facility in Hamburg that employs people from diverse migrant backgrounds to support their smooth, comfortable integration into society.

Their teas are packaged in, a workshop in Gütersloh that employs 2,500 people with and without disabilities. The company motto—“Diversity is our strength”—reflects āsmi's values as well.

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