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Pure Bliss Organics
Pure Bliss Organics

The Pure Bliss Story

Pure Bliss was created by a family of friends who are passionate about cultivating bliss through healthy, pure, delicious foods. The seed was planted in the 60s and 70s, when co-founder Jon Morgan joined an ashram and developed a passion for a life of service through vegetarian cooking. Fast forward to 2005: after leaving the ashram, Jon met vegetarian restaurateur Antonio Da Costa and food alchemist Flavia Krsna, and Pure Bliss was born. Today, they offer minimally processed, certified organic foods that nourish body and spirit.

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All The Flavor, None Of The Additives

The Pure Bliss secret lies in honoring pure, natural ingredients. Their process begins with certified organic, whole foods grown in a way that nurtures the land. Crop rotation and other sustainable practices ensure the soil is healthy, which leads to better-tasting botanicals! After that, it all comes down to mouth-watering recipes and the delicious alchemy of food combining. The Pure Bliss team knows how to add flavor without any additives—no funny stuff! They never cut corners—and you can taste the difference.

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Pure Bliss Organics

Everyone deserves the right to be healthy

Pure Bliss believes everyone deserves the right to healthy, whole foods. That’s why they’re a proud affiliate of Food for Life Global, a nonprofit that’s committed to providing pure, plant-based meals to people who are malnourished and in need of care, worldwide. The world’s largest vegan food relief organization, Food for Life understands that food = life. It has the ability to break down barriers, to bring people together, and foster connection and community.

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