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In Sanskrit, SUNDÃRI means “beauty.” We love SUNDÃRI because they blend the ancient Vedic art of beauty with modern science. Inspired by the rich history of Ayurveda and yoga, Sundari uses traditional botanicals like neem, turmeric, and gotu kola to bring out your skin’s natural radiance and lustre. Their creams, body oils, exfoliators, and other beauty products are crafted from the purest ingredients and plant essences—all meticulously distilled from nature.

The beauty experts at SUNDÃRI believe that beauty comes from finding balance, and that aging brings both grace and strength. In today’s world, it’s impossible to avoid stress entirely. But with SUNDÃRI, you can promote healthier, more supple skin naturally.

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Saving An Endangered Species

In Vedic cosmology, the elephant is seen as a manifestation of beauty, strength, and power. With a gentle yet commanding presence and a trunk curving upward, the elephant symbolizes unity of mind, body, and spirit—being one with nature. For all these reasons, the golden elephant is the symbol of SUNDÃRI. SUNDÃRI proudly supports the Elephant Family, a UK-based charity that strives to protect Asian elephants—an endangered keystone species. Asian elephants hold a sacred space in their ecosystems. By protecting them and their habitat, we are protecting many other endangered animals native to the area, from tigers and rhinos to orangutans and hornbills.


Good For Your Skin—And The Planet

SUNDÃRI believes that what’s good for the planet is good for your skin—and vice versa. Their mindfully made, sustainable skincare line is created with pure plant essences and does not contain synthetic dyes, parabens, fragrances, or mineral oils. Their products are never tested on animals, and their recyclable packaging minimizes their footprint on nature.


We've using Provenance® to transparently share the ethics behind our products in clear, accessible Proof points. If a Proof Point is Verified, it's been backed up by a third party independent body. If it's Evidenced, it's not third party verified just yet, but we've got our own data to support it.

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