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The Uma Oils Story

Born in India, Shrankhla Holecek grew up immersed in the holistic daily wisdom and practices of Ayurveda. After moving to Beverly Hills to attend business school, she was surprised to find herself surrounded by watered-down, misappropriated forms of Ayurveda. So, she created her own line of formulas—one that honored the powerful legacy of Ayurveda in India and her family. Named after Shrankhla’s beloved late aunt, UMA celebrates the natural beauty, empowerment, and deep ocean of inner peace available to all women.

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The UMA Estate—Centuries of Excellence

For hundreds of years, the UMA family estate has supplied traditional botanicals to the world’s most prestigious beauty brands. Their organic ingredients are farmed on a 100-acre meadow with nutritious, carefully tended soil. From planting to harvest, the crops are given meticulous care. The plants are sustainably harvested, honoring their lifespan and cycles rather than taking an exploitative, over-extracting approach.

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Promoting Sustainability, Gender Equality & Community

UMA’s farming practices are slow, loving, and sustainable. They avoid pesticides and repurpose waste. More than half of UMA’s employees are women—each one paid commensurately with their male counterparts and offered benefits ranging from childcare to education and pension plans. UMA also reinvests one third of their annual profits back into local communities in India, offering a free health clinic and offering academic scholarships for those seeking higher education.

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