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Sundari Candle Gulkand
Bazaar Diamond

Sundari Candle Gulkand: Rose + Honey

$38.00 6 oz

Create sacred space for meditation, yoga, or simply elevate ambiance and mood! This 100% soy-based wax candle is inspired by the heart-nourishing rose preserve dessert Gulkand—an exotic blend of rose petals, honey, sugar, and milk. Inspire calm and clarity with fragrant floral notes and a touch of sweetness.

Your sense of smell has the power to influence brain function and behavior—light this nourishing candle with intention to support self-care and wellbeing.

• Creates sacred space for meditation, yoga practice, and everyday elevated living.
• Helps to cleanse the atmosphere and boost mood.
• Sourced from fair trade ingredients wherever possible.
• Made with 100% soy-based wax and a lead-free wick.

100% soy-based wax, lead-free wick, and natural essential oils.

Add to the ambiance of your meditation or yoga practice, or simply elevate your space! Remove from the carton before burning, and place on a heat-safe surface. Trim the wick to 1/4″ before each use.


  • Key Ingredients

Rose is cooling, heart-nourishing, and uplifts the mind and emotions.

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Sundari Candle Gulkand

Candle Gulkand: Rose + Honey

$38.00  |  6 oz

Candle Gulkand: Rose + Honey

$38.00  |  6 oz