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Chico Honey California Wildflower Honey Sticks

$3.50 Was: $7.00 10 Sticks

Bring Ayurvedic goodness on the go with California Wildflower Honey Sticks! Slip a few into your purse, tote, or laptop bag for an easily accessible, natural sweetener on busy days. This delicate blend comes from California wildflowers—purple vetch, alfalfa, and more.

According to Ayurvedic texts, raw honey has myriad health benefits, unlike heated varieties. This wholesome sweetener:

• Comes power-packed with amino acids, minerals, and enzymes
• Is an easily digested form of pure energy
• Has been traditionally used to aid digestion
• Benefits the respiratory system

California wildflower honey

10 sticks per package

Pop in your purse or day bag for a healthy snack, or an all-natural sweetener for warm drinks.*


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California wildflower honey

What makes Chico Honey unique? Set in the temperate Northern California valley surrounded by forests and mountains, Chico Honey’s hives are strategically placed at various elevations so that the bees can collect a wide variety of wildflower nectar and pollen. Year to year, nature favors certain wildflower varieties, which means no two batches of wildflower honey are exactly alike!

At Chico Honey, it’s all about the bees! Before even one drop of honey is produced, countless hours of care have been put into ensuring their bees have adequate nectar and pollen, clean water, and protection from pests and pesticides. The honey is harvested from Chico Honey’s own hives, an event that takes place just once or twice a year.

As third-generation beekeepers, Chico Honey knows happy and healthy bees produce exceptional honey. To this day, they fill every jar of their pure, raw, unfiltered, undiluted, unblended, unprocessed, and unpasteurized honey themselves.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

California Wildflower Honey Sticks

California Wildflower Honey Sticks

$3.50  | 10 Sticks

California Wildflower Honey Sticks

$3.50  | 10 Sticks
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