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T2 Tea Mesh Ball Infuser Small
Bazaar Diamond

T2 Tea Mesh Ball Infuser

$7.00 Small

Mess, less! This mesh ball makes brewing loose-leaf tea a breeze. Made from sturdy stainless steel and a handy silicone chain, this gadget becomes the perfect tea bag for single servings or small pots.

Life can be complex—tea making should be simple! This fuss-free tea infuser holds your favorite loose-leaf for the perfect cup every time.

• Finely woven mesh captures small tea leaves.
• Sturdy stainless steel construction.
• Heat-safe silicone chain allows for easy removal post-infusion.

Basket: stainless steel, chain: silicone.

Measure loose leaf tea according to desired strength and serving size. Add to the mesh basket and seal shut. Place in a teapot or mug and steep according to tea’s recommended brewing time. Remove promptly with a silicone chain.

Gentle hand wash only. Not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher.

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T2 Tea Mesh Ball Infuser Small

Mesh Ball Infuser

$7.00  |  Small

Mesh Ball Infuser

$7.00  |  Small