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Organic Mucuna

Organic Mucuna

$16.00 500mg - 60 Tablets

Rejuvenates the nervous system; promotes relaxation & calms the nerves; fortifies the body's resistance to stress. Powerful tonic for the reproductive and nervous systems.

• Calms the nerves & supports healthy muscular movement
• Promotes relaxation & a healthy response to stress
• Natural source of L-dopa
• Rejuvenates the reproductive system
• Supports healthy libido & fertility
• USDA organic

Organic velvet bean (mucuna) seed. Other ingredients: Organic tapioca starch.

Take 2 tablets three times a day, with water after meals.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Organic velvet bean (mucuna) seed

All our herbs are grown and processed in a holistic and eco-friendly way without the use of toxic and harmful synthetic chemicals.

• Certified USDA organic.
• Can be used with other herbal supplements, vitamins, or natural products.
• No side effects
• Non-GMO
• Cruelty free — not tested on animals
• Vegan

Mucuna (also known as velvet bean) has been traditionally used for thousands of years in Ayurveda as a powerful restorative herb to support the nervous system, bolster the body’s response to stress and promote relaxation. It is a tropical legume, known as “Kapikacchu” or “Atmagupta” in Ayurveda. “Atmagupta” translates as “secret self,” referring to the healing properties of the seeds hidden inside velvety pods.

Mucuna seeds are a natural source of L-dopa, which is a direct precursor of dopamine. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter responsible for healthy brain function and a happy outlook on life.

It also nourishes all of the tissues (dhatus) in the physiology, making it a tonic for the reproductive system. Mucuna promotes healthy libido, virility and fertility.

According to ayurveda, this herb:

• Acts as a nerve tonic
• Is a natural source of L-dopa
• Supports healthy movement of the muscles
• Boosts overall strength & vitality
• Relaxes & uplifts the mood
• Rejuvenates reproductive health & sexual vitality
• Supports the intellect
• Nourishes the bronchial system



Kate E.

I've been taking this product for a month now and I am starting to notice an improved difference in drive and cycle.


Dan D.

Good for increasing libido and semen quantity

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Organic Mucuna

Organic Mucuna

$16.00  |  500mg - 60 Tablets

Organic Mucuna

$16.00  |  500mg - 60 Tablets
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