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The Kansa Gua Sha

$50.00 Bronze

Sculpt your facial structure, increasing radiance with the Kansa Gua Sha. This Ayurvedic designed tool helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, through massaging, tackling the marma points beneath your skin. Support a healthy dosha balance and bring symmetry to your facial structure.

Among all the traditional benefits that come with massages, the Kansa Gua Sha provides a number of benefits with correct and continued use.

• Firmer and healthier skin
• Support blood circulation
• Eases muscle tension
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Made with environmentally-friendly, cruelty free materials.

• Kansa (Bronze)

Preparation: Begin by applying oil to your face and neckline.
Process: Starting with your forehead, using the curved side, make upward and outward strokes. Next, on your eyebrows, make small strokes from the centre of your forehead to your temple. Followed by horizontal strokes over the brow bone. Moving on to the area around your eyes, press the flat side of the Gua Sha under your eyes or over any redness. Then sweep it from the corner of your nose to the middle of your ear. Coming down to your chin, gently move the tool from the middle of your chin, along your jawbone to your earlobe. Then up from your throat towards your face, following the soft area of your skin. Finally, stroke down the neck, never upwards, to drain lymphatic fluid.
Aftercare: Wipe the Gua Sha down with a dry or moist towelette. Do not wash with water and soap.

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Kansa Organics The Kansa Gua Sha

The Kansa Gua Sha

$50.00  | Bronze

The Kansa Gua Sha

$50.00  | Bronze
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