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The Marma Wand

$40.00 Wood

Experience a deeply relaxing massage, relieve tension and draw toxins from your body with the Marma wand. Specifically designed for Ayurveda, the ergonomic Marma wand is crafted from authentic wood and Kansa (bronze), “the healing metal”, to support your home self-care.

Among all the traditional benefits that come with massages, the Marma wand provides a number of benefits with correct and continued use.

• Improves lymph flow
• Aids in relieving energy blockages, physical and mental
• Helps to flush toxins out of the body
• Reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
• Balances dosha
• Made with environmentally-friendly, cruelty free materials.

• Kansa (Bronze)
• Organic teak wood handle

Preparation: Begin by applying oil to your face and neckline, as well as a few drops on the wand. The process should take 15-20 minutes, beginning with the forehead, working counter-clockwise, finishing on the forehead. Cool the Marma wand in the refrigerator before use.
Process: Move the wand in circular motions, across the areas which hold the most tension for you, such as expression lines. Roll your wrist, applying a gentle pressure to the skin. Take care to use friction along the jawline, with circular motions across the rest of your face and neckline.
Alternatively, you can use the Marma wand for a full body massage. This should take around 90 minutes. Begin at the top of your body, moving downward, finishing on the heels of your feet, grounding your body.
Aftercare: Wipe the wand down with a dry or moist towelette. Do not wash with water and soap.

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Kansa Organics The Marma Wand

The Marma Wand

$40.00  | Wood

The Marma Wand

$40.00  | Wood
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