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Worry Free

Worry Free® Calm Remedy

$30.00 1000mg - 60 tablets

Occasionally worried or anxious? Find your natural calm again with Worry Free—the Everyday Tension Reliever. This synergistic blend includes ashwagandha and jatamansi to ease occasional worry or anxiousness throughout the day and support deeper sleep at night.

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Stress is a part of everyday life. But when it accumulates, it can impact your sleep, health, relationships, and job performance. From the perspective of Ayurveda, stress leads to an increase of Vata dosha in mind and body. This synergistic blend of botanicals soothes the mind and brings Vata back to balance naturally, so you can sail through stressful situations with ease.

• Calms the mind and emotions
• Helps ease occasional worry or anxiousness
• Nourishes the brain and nerves, supports clarity of mind
• Supports the three types of mental ability: dhi (learning), dhriti (memory), and smriti (recall)
• Promotes deeper sleep at night

Tridoshic: Balances Vata, Pitta, Kapha—especially Vata.

Ashwagandha (root), jatamansi (rhizome), licorice (root), indian tinospora (stem), gotu kola (whole plant) extract, dwarf morning glory (whole plant) extract, pearl, greater galangal (rhizome), indian tinospora (stem's starch).
Other ingredients: gum acacia, opadry nutrapure (organic maltodextrin, organic sunflower lecithin, organic palm oil, organic guar gum), rice extract, rice hulls.

Take one to two tablets twice daily with water, preferably after meals. Children 10-15 years take one tablet per day.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Worry Free is a synergistic blend of 9 Ayurvedic botanicals. Key ingredients include:

Ashwagandha - Enhances your mind's ability to fight stress and helps with overall mental functioning and problem-solving. Nourishes, calms, and strengthens the nervous system.

Jatamansi - Helps clear the mind’s channels and keeps the gaps between dhi (learning), dhriti (retention) and smriti (recall) free of toxins and blockages.

Gotu kola - Has sedative, calming and memory-increasing effects. A medhya herb, it nurtures dhi, dhriti, and smriti and their coordination.

Pearls - Associated with the qualities of the bright, full moon, pearls lend coolness, clarity, and precision to the mind.

This preparation is a masterpiece of the traditional Ayurvedic art of combining herbs for efficient action. Three out of the seven herbs in Worry Free are roots: ashwagandha (winter cherry), licorice, and jatamansi (Indian spikenard). They calm, nourish, and strengthen the nervous system. Like roots, they “root” your mind on stable ground!

Three of the ingredients are from small, juicy, leafy ground-cover plants with sedative, calming, and memory-increasing effects. Just as ground-cover plants protect the earth from dehydration, gotu kola (brahmi), Indian tinospora (guduchi), and dwarf morning glory (shankapushpi or aloeweed) lend moisture to the body and protect the mind.

The final herb—the galangal root—strengthens agni (digestive power) and makes the other ingredients more readily absorbed. Galangal root also helps address Vata in the digestive tract, supporting a good appetite and helping to dispel gas. The last ingredient, pearl powder, lends a cooling clarity to the mind.

Worry Free is a traditional Ayurvedic formula that helps you step up to the challenges and pace of modern life. This potent, synergistic formula is made with care in Noida, India, using sustainably sourced herbs. It also contains pearl powder from river pearls, which are processed in herbal extracts for several days using traditional methods.



Guest S.

If you can't seem to get a decent night's sleep, or are stressed about commuting to work try this! I started taking Worry Free in my 30's & it got me through a lengthy & difficult menopause. For the past 25 years, I've come back to it again & again. It's so much better than straight ashwaganda because it blends gently w/ your system. It just helps you feel calm & centered, without any wonky side effects. It's amazing. I recommend it to anyone.


Sondra A.

The first time i tried worry free, I was impressed, it relaxes me and keeps me calm in stressful situations. That's really good for me know, being locked down due to covid-19. I will order again.


Shawna R.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and social distancing, my household, like many are others, is adapting to a new normal. For me, this means working from home full-time and having our two school-age boys home all day. Between my work schedule and trying to meet their homeschooling needs, I realized I'm spending 12+ hours a day on electronic devices like my laptop and smartphone. All of the emails, chats, dings, and rings were making me feel anxious, rushed and fluttery inside. I started taking one Worry Free tablet each morning before sitting down to begin my workday, and wow! The fluttering, anxious feelings subsided. The "rush hour traffic" in my head stopped and I can more comfortably settle into my day. When the day gets long, or I need to maintain that level of emotional balance through one more Skype call, I sometimes take another tablet in the late afternoon. I know right now we are all focused on strengthened immunity and respiratory health, but with so many changes to our work and home lives, it's also imperative that we remember to attend to our mental health needs as well.

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Worry Free

Worry Free® Calm Remedy

$30.00  |  1000mg - 60 tablets

Worry Free® Calm Remedy

$30.00  |  1000mg - 60 tablets
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