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The Nine Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Properties of Our Youthful Skin Cream

ISSUED // March 16

The Nine Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Properties of Our Youthful Skin Cream

Looking for ways to keep your complexion radiant and healthy as you age? Try our Youthful Skin Cream for deep nourishment and natural collagen synthesis.

Rich in Ayurvedic botanical extracts and naturally hydrating oils, this delicate blend nurtures healthy skin naturally. Read on to learn why this synergistic formula is so beneficial.

The Ayurvedic take on skin and aging

According to Ayurveda, a number of factors determine skin health and youthfulness, including:

  • Proper moisture balance (Kapha in balance).
  • Effective functioning of the metabolic mechanisms that coordinate all the various chemical and hormonal reactions of the skin (Pitta in balance).
  • Efficient circulation of blood and nutrients to the different layers of the skin (Vata in balance).

The health of the following three types of body tissue are especially reflected in the skin:

  1. Nutritional fluid: This "feeds" all of the body's tissues and keeps the skin healthy.
  2. Blood: Associated with liver function and purifies the skin.
  3. Muscle: Provides skin firmness.

Waste products of the body tissues are also involved in skin health. For instance, sweat, the waste-product of fat production, helps to purify and refine the skin.

To be effective, an anti-aging cream has to provide support to all of these areas.

Youthful Skin Cream and nine anti-aging properties

Our Youthful Skin Cream was specially formulated to nourish and protect the complexion naturally. Here’s the breakdown on how it works:

1. Anti-aging effect (Vayasthapana)

An herbal formula that nourishes the different aspects of the skin and has an overall anti-aging effect is called vayasthapana, which literally means "maintaining youthfulness" or "arresting age."

There is a group of herbs in the Youthful Skin Cream that together create this age-arresting effect. Gotu Kola, in particular, is a renowned Ayurvedic anti-aging herb. Modern research also verifies that Gotu Kola has an anti-aging effect, and in particular it helps to enhance collagen synthesis.

2. Youthful radiance (Varnya)

Varnya means the ability to enhance the radiance or bright complexion of the skin. Varnya herbs are included in the Youthful Skin Cream.

3. Protection from normal wear and tear (Sandhanya)

Sandhanya herbs help to improve the visible signs of aging that result from normal daily living. Sensitive plant has the Sandhanya property. Thus when applied topically, the Youthful Skin Cream helps to improve the appearance of the skin from climatic conditions (such as the aging effects of sun, wind, dryness, heat, and cold) and normal wear and tear.

4. Deep healing (Branropana)

Branropana herbs enhance the deeper healing ability of the skin. The Branropana herbs Gotu Kola and Sensitive plant are known for their ability to improve the appearance and are contained in this traditional formulation. It is due to both the Sandhanya and Branropana effects that some people using Youthful Skin Cream have even reported to improve the appearance of scars.

5. Enhancing and nurturing (Twachya)

Twachya herbs and ingredients support moisture balance and provide overall nourishment to the skin. Gotu Kola and Rose Petals are the famous Twachya herbs used in this formula. Grapefruit extract and natural sources of Vitamins A, C, and E are included in Youthful Skin formula to nourish the skin and to enhance the Twachya value of herbs. It is due to the Twachya value that many people report that their skin feels fed, feels nourished by the Youthful Skin Cream. Feeding the skin properly — long-term nourishment — is very important if you want to prevent skin from aging.

6.  Shothahara herbs support a healthy inflammatory response

This group of herbs in the formula with the Shothahara property is responsible for the soothing effect of the Youthful Skin Cream. Shothahara herbs are essential to any anti-aging formula, because they help to protect the skin against irritating substances, chemicals and even stress.

The skin is the barrier between the world and our own body, between the outer and inner environment. There are many elements in the outer environment that can cause irritation or breakouts.

And while we can protect every other part of our skin by covering it with clothing, facial skin is always exposed. That's why we need to protect delicate facial skin from the ravages of the environment with the Shothahara herbs contained in the Youthful Skin Cream. It's with our face that we "face" the world, and it is our face that is most often reflective of our beauty.

7. Strengthening the skin's natural/healthy metabolic mechanisms (Twachagnivardhani)

Twacha means "skin" in Sanskrit, and in this case "agni" refers to the metabolic processes taking place in every cell and organ of the body. Vardhani means "to enhance," so Twachagnivardhani means literally to enhance the luster and health of the skin by enhancing the skin's metabolism.

When you feel the skin, you can feel warmth. That is a reflection of its metabolic activity, governed by Bhrajaka Pitta, which controls all the biochemical and metabolic changes in the skin. This formula supports and nourishes Bhrajaka Pitta.

As we age, our metabolism in general slows down, and digestion is usually weaker because of this. In the same way, the metabolism of the skin also becomes weaker with age. If Twachagni becomes weak and imbalanced, then it creates ama (toxins). Ama in the skin clogs the channels, leading to wrinkles, dryness and other signs of aging. Clogged channels create dullness and lack of youthful glow.

When metabolism is weak, it doesn't matter how many healthy herbs you apply to the skin, because if it can't metabolize or process them, the herbal nourishment is not going to reach the skin cells. So the Twachagnivardhani herbs are essential for any anti-aging formula. They enhance the skin's ability to process and transport nutrients to the skin by clearing the channels and removing old impurities that have clogged the channels for a long time.

It is because of the Twachagnivardhani property that the nutrients and herbs in the Youthful Skin Cream are more easily absorbed. Gotu Kola is a renowned Twachagnivardhani herb. And because it enhances agni when applied topically, it improves circulation when you apply it to the skin. Also, by removing ama and deep impurities, it helps alleviate imbalances in the skin caused by a buildup of toxins, such as aging and uneven skin. Scientific research verifies some of these effects of Gotu Kola.

8. Only natural, life-supporting ingredients

Our Youthful Skin Cream is completely free of chemical preservatives and ingredients, which in itself removes the major cause of allergic reactions. According to Ayurveda, allergic reactions occur when ama builds up in Rasa dhatu (the nutrient fluid) or in Rakta dhatu (blood). 

If Bhrajaka Pitta is out of balance, the skin becomes more sensitive to allergens. Thus the entire Youthful Skin Cream formula supports healthy skin. 

9. Maintaining skin health and retarding aging (Twagrasayana)

In Ayurveda, a rasayana is an especially refined herbal formula that promotes longevity and well-being. A Twagrasayana (skin rasayana) is a refined herbal formula designed to prevent signs of aging and maintain healthy skin.

Youthful Skin Cream is a powerful rasayana for the skin because it contains all of the eight ayurvedic properties mentioned above. It's also important to note that the ingredients that create the rasayana effect for the skin also nourish the mind and support an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

That's why many people say that they feel younger and have a greater sense of well-being when they use the Youthful Skin Cream. This rasayana effect is even more pronounced if you use all three Youthful Skin products together: Youthful Skin Herbal Soap, Oil and Cream.


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