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Antineoplastic Properties of Maharishi-4 [MAK-4] Against DMBA-Induced Mammary Tumors in Rats

Antineoplastic Properties of Maharishi-4 [MAK-4] Against DMBA-Induced Mammary Tumors in Rats

Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, Vol. 35, pp. 767-773, 1990.

Hari M. Sharma,* Chandradhar Dwivedi,** Bryan C. Satter,** Krishnamurthy P. Gudehithlu,* Hussein Abou-Issa,* William Malarkey,* and Gopi A. Tejwani.*

Conducted at
**College of Medicine, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210
**College of Pharmacy, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007


The herbal mixture MAK-4 (Maharishi Amrit Kalash-4) was tested for anticarcinogenic and anticancer properties against 7,12–dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA)-induced mammary tumors in rats. The 6% MAK-4-supplemented diet protected against DMBA-induced carcinogenesis by reducing both tumor incidence and multiplicity during initiation and promotion phases. MAK-4 provided up to 88% protection (p<0.05) during the promotion phase, and 60% (p<0.05) during the initiation phase of carcinogenesis. Also, 60% of the control animals which had developed fully-formed tumors showed tumor regression when their diet was subsequently supplemented with MAK-4 for four weeks. In 50% of these rats, the tumor regressed completely. There was no significant difference in the food intake or weight gain in rats on the MAK-4-supplemented diet compared to the control group.

Please Note

MAK-4 is now called Amrit Kalash Nectar.

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