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Herbal Aci-Balance®

$40.00 1000mg - 60 Tablets

Do you experience occasional acid indigestion or heartburn? Aci-balance is a powerful blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that offer fast-acting comfort while promoting healthy digestion. Soothing, synergistic herbs and spices like amla, Indian jalap, and cabbage rose are natural remedies for occasional indigestion, gas, and sour belching.  


The herbs in Aci-Balance help to balance Pitta dosha, which supports balanced agni (digestive fire). This fast-acting formula is safe to use—and won’t cause any unpleasant side effects. This all-natural digestive supplement: 

  • Offers natural relief for occasional acid indigestion & heartburn
  • Promotes balanced digestion without excess heat
  • Supports proper stomach balance
  • Helps remedy occasional feelings of nausea
  • Won't result in "acid bounce"

Amla/amalaki (whole fruit without seeds), Licorice (root), Sodium carbonate, Saltpetre, Indian jalap (root), Clove (flower bud), Alum, Sal ammoniac, Ginger (rhizome), Pepper (fruit), Long pepper (fruit), Chebulic myrobalan/haritaki (whole fruit without seeds), Belleric myrobalan/bibhitaki (whole fruit without seeds), Cyperus (root), Vidanga (fruit), Cardamom (fruit), Indian cassia (leaf), Cabbage rose (flower petal), Indian cardamom (fruit). Other ingredients: Sugarcane, Gum acacia, Rice hulls, Rice extract, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Take 1-2 tablets twice daily or as often as needed. Can be taken before or after meals.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Key Ingredients
  • Formula
  • Origin

• Indian jalap has a special property of both cleansing and balancing digestion. We use the rare white form of Indian jalap which is non-toxic and very effective for this purpose.

• Clove, cardamom and ginger support digestion and help with occasional stomach discomfort.

• Amla helps support digestion without heating the body, so it is ideal for calming occasional hyperacidity and other Pitta-related digestive issues.

• Cabbage rose is cooling and helps balance Pitta.

The herbs in Aci-Balance are combined in precise proportions and prepared the traditional ayurvedic way. This aids the bioavailability and assimilation of vital nutrients. It also creates synergy — the collective benefit is much greater than that of isolated, individual herbs.

The herbs in Aci-Balance help:

• Balance occasional excess acid and digestive fire

• Support overall digestion

• The body preserve the purity and vitality of nutrients from foods you eat

Occasional acid indigestion? There’s help!

Too many hot, spicy foods can spark excess digestive fire and too much stomach acid. This can knock digestion out of balance and lead to stomach acidity from time to time.

Ayurveda does more than just address the surface level. The herbs in Aci-Balance promote healthy digestion, without excess heat, for fast-acting comfort and results.



Nancy S.

These pills are amazing are easy to swallow and the effect on indigestion is incomparable to any OTC product I've tried.



As a person with frequent heartburn, this is a great product. I cut back on taking over the counter medicine and replaced with Aci-balance. When my acid reflux is bad, I take two everyday for a week or so and it clears it up. When I have eaten something that causes heartburn I take one or two and it helps as well as over the counter products did. I highly recommend aci-balance!


Margaret S

I have been using Aci-Balance for many, many years. I am 78 years old and occasionally have indigestion. I always make sure I have Aci-Balance in my medicine closet - always. And it never fails to relieve my symptoms and give me a good night's sleep.

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Herbal Aci-Balance®

$40.00  | 1000mg - 60 Tablets

Herbal Aci-Balance®

$40.00  | 1000mg - 60 Tablets
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