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Fresh Paneer Recipe

Fresh Paneer Recipe


Why We Love This Recipe 

Paneer is a traditional Indian dish. Made from fresh milk solids, it is considered a cheese dish that does not require aging or special probiotics. Since it is fresh, it is considered easy to digest, high in protein and life-supporting, or "sattvic."

So! Give yourself some sattvic nourishment with homemade, fresh cheese: paneer. Whole milk, preferably organic, and a few lemons are all you will need to make delicious, soft paneer at home! Follow the simple recipe below; then use your imagination to stir up some nourishing delights with the fresh cheese. It is great in sautés, salads and soups.



  • 1 gallon of whole, organic milk
  • Juice of three freshly-squeezed lemons



  1. In a large stock pot, bring the milk to a boil, being careful not to burn it.
  2. Add fresh lemon juice and stir. Keep adding more lemon juice and stirring until the milk solids separate and a faintly cloudy, not milky, whey forms.
  3. When the curds have separated from the whey, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth (you can also use a thin white cloth or a fine mesh strainer) until only the curds remain.
  4. Wrap the cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess water.
  5. While it's still in the cloth, arrange the cheese in a brick and lay a heavy cast-iron skillet or other weight on top of the cloth.
  6. Leave the paneer under the press for an hour, until all of the excess water has drained out.
  7. Dice into cubes for use, or crumble.


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