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Rose Petal Thirst Quencher

ISSUED // June 07

Rose Petal Thirst Quencher

Why we love this recipe

In Ayurveda, the rose is recognized as a potent remedy for many imbalances, especially to help cool an excess of fiery Pitta dosha. The essence of rose appears in aromatherapy, and tonics are made from mixing rose paste, water, and spices. 

Rose is equally beneficial externally. Cold poultices with rose and sandalwood paste are sometimes recommended to cool any burning on the skin. The rose enhances beauty in many ways. Creams and poultices cool, moisturize, and tone the skin. Massaging the body with rose and sandalwood sachets augment the glow and complexion of the skin.

The Rose Petal Thirst Quencher is inexpensive and simple to make, and it has many benefits:

  • The soothing rose aroma works quickly, settling emotions. 
  • It helps to balance the heart
  • It's a good drink to sip before going to bed, or any time Sadhaka Pitta (a subdosha of Pitta) is out of balance, which can cause you to toss, turn, and wake up before you are fully rested. 
  • Anyone who is feeling constantly irritated could benefit from this drink twice a day. 
  • It's a healthy drink for people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
  • For women, sipping this drink before and during menstruation can help stabilize the emotions. 
  • Warm milk with concentrated rose petals preserve enlivens all the body tissues by enlivening the cell-regeneration process itself, and especially regenerates the reproductive (shukra) tissues.
  • Because the rose is one of the best sources for water-soluble fiber, Organic Rose Petal Spread and any of the drinks that contain it help cleanse the intestines and alleviate occasional constipation.



  1. Boil milk and other ingredients, except the conserve, for five minutes. Let cool to room temperature.
  2. Mix in one tablespoon of Organic Rose Petal Spread.
  3. Add to a thermos to sip and keep warm. 


Organic Rose Petal Spread and other culinary-grade rose products can be added to other delicious drinks, desserts, and much more. Explore more uses for rose preserve in our Recipes blog



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