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ISSUED // February 21

Black Salt

Black salt is an ingredient used commonly in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine. Also known as kala namak, it comes from the salt mines deep in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Because of its strong, sulfurous flavor and smell, black salt is an acquired taste for most people. But it also has many beneficial qualities—particularly for digestion.

What is black salt good for?

Heating in nature, black salt has a flavor profile that tastes (as you would expect) salty. For this reason, it balances Vata dosha and increases both Pitta and Kapha

In Ayurveda, black salt is commonly used as an aid to digestion. When ground and mixed with ajwain and lemon juice, this distinctive salt helps to balance both digestion and elimination.

Ayurvedic lassi with black salt

A couple of pinches of black salt and ⅛ tsp. dry-roasted ground cumin can be used to make digestive lassi—a delicious, yogurt-based probiotic beverage that is best taken at lunch time. Learn why Ayurveda recommends that you make lunch your largest meal of the day

Ayurvedic dressing with black salt

You can also mix this potent salt with lemon and cilantro to make a quick and flavorful dressing for chickpea salads.

For more Ayurvedic cooking ideas, explore our collection of Ayurvedic recipes—and try adding a pinch of black salt!

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