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ISSUED // February 21

Sweet Paprika

Paprika is a wonderful spice that lends foods a distinctive aroma and flavor without the spicy fieriness of cayenne or hot paprika. 

What is paprika good for?

Paprika is considered a warming spice in Ayurveda. It lends foods a pungent taste (learn more about the six tastes and Ayurvedic cooking) and pacifies Kapha and Vata, while increasing Pitta. Both paprika and cayenne have antioxidant properties and are used to enhance circulation in Ayurveda.

Cooking with paprika

Sweet paprika has a bright orange color which tends to look brown and burnt if sautéed in hot oil or ghee for too long. It combines well with other ayurvedic spices such as cumin, coriander, fennel and turmeric. Sprinkle on dishes just before taking off the heat for best results.

Ready to use paprika in your cooking? Try our Cream of Vegetable Soup recipe. It also works well when sprinkled on top of homemade hummus. 

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