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A Planet-Positive Ethos

Our Partnership with Provenance

A Planet-Positive Ethos

Our Partnership with Provenance

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Wellness companies use labels like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” all the time. But are they more than just buzzwords? And how can you tell who’s really walking the talk? (These are good, important questions!) That’s why we partner with Provenance—so you can see third-party-verification of the sustainability story behind what we sell.

By sharing the facts about how we—and our artisan partners at The BAZAAR*—make things, we hope to empower you to shop with confidence.

Empowering You to Choose Ayurvedic Goods with Proven Positive Impact

Healthy societies start with healthy individuals. And true wellness comes from living in harmony with nature. At Maharishi AyurVeda, that means putting people and the planet first. Since our founding in 1987, our authentic Ayurvedic herbal blends and formulas have been made the traditional way—using wildcrafted, organic and/or sustainably grown herbs and ingredients as much as possible.

In 2021, we launched The BAZAAR, the world’s largest online Ayurvedic marketplace, with curated vendors who share our sustainability values. Now, thanks to Provenance, you can see the full sustainability story behind featured brands on our site.

See Your Impact with Sustainability Badges

Everything you purchase (anywhere!) has an impact on the planet. With our new Provenance-powered Sustainability Badges, you can see the planet-positive initiatives behind items in your cart.

Powered by blockchain and open data, these Sustainability Badges share all the need-to-know stories about the impact of what you buy. Each badge is connected to a Proof Point in the Provenance Framework (a collection of 50+ impact claims spanning Community, Climate, Nature, Workers, and Waste)—all verified via Provenance by supply chain data and third-party proof.

That way, you can easily see the social and environmental impact of your purchase. Look for badges like Organic Ingredients, Fully Compostable Packaging, Carbon Offsetting, and more!

Provenance Does the Sustainability Homework So You Don’t Have To

Simply click on any Sustainability Badge to learn more about each proof point. Provenance’s badge claims and criteria are constantly updated in line with evolving ESG terminology and compliance standards to hold us to a high level of accountability. By sharing the facts about how we—and our artisan partners at The BAZAAR—make our Ayurvedic goods, we hope to empower you to shop with confidence.

Who Is Provenance?

Provenance is an independent social enterprise and certified B Corp that’s committed to transparency and protecting against greenwashing. To help you drive change through your purchasing power, Provenance works with brands like Maharishi AyurVeda to make sustainability information available online and in-store via QR codes. By connecting claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification Provenance helps you shop in line with your values.
*Many BAZAAR Brands Signed Up—and Many More to Come!
We’re busily getting all of our artisan partners set up with Provenance. Right now, you’ll see Sustainability Badges on product pages for many of our brands at The BAZAAR—with many more coming soon! Sustainability is top of mind with all of our partnering artisans.