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Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Jam

$20.00 8.8 oz

Ancient ayurvedic formula that supports lung health, the respiratory system and natural immunity; a rejuvenative rasayana (tonic) to promote overall well-being

• Boosts natural immunity
• Rejuvenates the physiology & promotes overall well-being
• Strengthens digestion & assimilation by promoting healthy liver function
• Boosts memory, retention & recall

Organic amla/amalaki (fruit), Bamboo (silica), Long pepper (fruit), Cardamom (fruit), Indian cassia (leaf), Mesua (flower), Cinnamon (bark), Grape (fruit)*, Polygonatum verticillatum (root)*, Chebulic myrobalan/haritaki (fruit)*, Indian elecampane (root)*, Long pepper (fruit)*, Chinese pistachio (gall)*, Indian kudzu (tuberous root)*, Habenaria intermedia (tuberous root)*, Oroxylum (bark)*, Yellow-fruit nightshade (whole plant)*, Malay bush beech (bark)*, Blue wiss (whole plant)*, Tribulus (fruit)*, Uraria picta (whole plant)*, Microstylis wallichii (tuberous root)*, Indian tinospora (stem)*, Cardamom (fruit)*, Clerodendrum phlomidis (whole plant)*, Ashwagandha (root), Phyllanthus (whole plant)*, Zedoary (rhizome)*, Boerhavia (root)*, Waterlily (flower)*, Solanum anguivi (whole plant)*, Fragrant padri tree (bark)*, Three-lobe-leaf cowpea (whole plant)*, Leptadenia (whole plant)*, Cyperus (tuberous root)*, Fritillaria roylei (bulb)*, Sarivan (whole plant)*, Malabar nut tree (root)*, Martynia annua (fruit)*, Sandalwood (heartwood)*, Bael tree (bark)*, Agarwood (heartwood)*. Other ingredients: Sugarcane, Purified water, Organic ghee/clarified butter (milk), Raw honey. *extract

Take 1 heaping teaspoon twice daily, with milk or water.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Chyawanprash is a powerful blend of herbs, raw honey, and clarified butter (ghee) that is renowned in ayurveda for rejuvenating the entire physiology, especially the respiratory system.

A precise, time-tested herbal formula

The herbs in Chyawanprash are combined in exact proportions and prepared in the traditional ayurvedic way. This improves bioavailability and assimilation of vital nutrients. It also creates synergy — the collective benefit is much greater than that of isolated, individual herbs.

• Amla/amalaki rejuvenates the physiology, boosts natural immunity and provides antioxidants
• Vanshlochan (from bamboo) supports the respiratory system, promotes clearer breathing, and promotes the body’s resistance to stress
• Sugarcane, honey and ghee (clarified butter) act as carriers to help the body effectively assimilate the nutrients in the formula

According to ancient Indian lore, Chyawanprash was formulated by twin vaidyas (ayurvedic experts) for the great seer, Chyawan Rishi, to help restore his youth and strength.

The main ingredients in the formula are amla/amalaki and vanshlochan (a crystalline substance formed in the joints of female bamboo plants). Maharishi AyurVeda uses only the highest quality, well-ripened amla/amalaki for maximum effectiveness. We use only real, harvested vanshlochan rather than the synthetic form found in many formulas. Vanshlochan is process-intensive to harvest and in its pure form a more expensive ingredient.

We are committed to producing the highest quality formulas and maintaining the traditions of our ancient knowledge.

Benefits according to ayurveda:
• Promotes healthy lungs and respiratory system
• Rejuvenative tonic for energy and vitality
• Boosts natural immunity
• Supports bone and heart health
• Promotes natural virility
• Boosts memory, retention and recall
• Strengthens digestion and assimilation of food by promoting healthy liver function



Tara K.

Yum! This recipe is different than other brands I’ve tried. The texture isn't smooth - it has crystals of honey or sugar, and textures from other ingredients. I usually take a spoonful and just eat it like dessert, so I really noticed this, but I quite like it. Since I take it to stay healthy, I don’t feel different, but it’s a delicious addition to your immune boosting regimen!



This has a nice mix of different flavors. It tastes a little fruity like apples and spices, so it makes a nice tea for the fall and winter time. It makes for a comforting tea and it does feels restorative. Fingers crossed on the boosted immunity.


Darlene N.

When I understood what this product was for i knew I needed it for the season +. When I first tasted it, I was surprised at it's wonderful flavor. such a combination of flavors. I actually looked forward to it each morning and evening. I could get hooked on it. How wonderful to find Ayurveda and all it has to offer. I'm happy.

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Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Jam

$20.00  | 8.8 oz

Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Jam

$20.00  | 8.8 oz
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