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Flora Tone

$40.00 500mg - 60 Tablets

Supports healthy intestinal flora; supports healthy bowel functioning.

• Contains holarrhena, caraway, vidanga & ajowan
• Traditionally used to support the colon’s natural ability to remove parasites
• Supports growth of friendly intestinal flora
• Promotes healthy bowel functioning
• Boosts nutrient absorption from food

Holarrhena (bark), Fennel (fruit), Amla/amalaki (fruit), Caraway (fruit), Indian tinospora (stem's starch), Vidanga (fruit), Indian barberry (stem), Bael tree (fruit pulp), Ajowan (fruit), Conch shell, Mace (aril), Cinnamon (bark), Indian barberry (stem) extract, Cyperus (tuberous root) extract. Other ingredients: Gum acacia, Nutrapure (Organic maltodextrin, Organic sunflower lecithin, Organic palm oil, Organic guar gum), Rice extract, Rice hulls.

Take 2-3 tablets twice daily with water.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Contains holarrhena, caraway, vidanga and ajowan which have been traditionally used in ayurveda to support the colon's natural ability to remove parasites.

Support healthy intestinal flora

• Supports colon health by promoting an environment where friendly flora can flourish.
• Supports the growth of friendly flora in the colon
• Aids the absorption of nutrients from food
• Supports healthy bowel functioning
• Promotes natural immunity in the lower gastrointestinal tract

Support healthy intestinal flora

Are you feeling bloated, or always tired? Do you experience abdominal discomfort, gas or diarrhea? Diet or the environment can interfere with the beneficial flora in your intestines and affect your body’s natural resistance. Healthy flora are always present inside the colon, helping to digest your food and assimilate nutrients. Likewise, unhealthy flora can be present inside your body, feeding off your energy and limiting the digestion of your food and the assimilation of nutrients.

It has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of undesirable flora. Where do unhealthy flora come from? A few sources include: contaminated water, undercooked meats and improperly-washed fruits and vegetables. Transmission from pets or other persons is also quite common. Widespread use of antibiotics can interfere with beneficial intestinal flora and affect your body’s immunity.

Flora Tone (formerly Parasite Clear) contains holarrhena, caraway, vidanga and ajowan which have been traditionally used in ayurveda to support the colon's natural ability to remove parasites.



Ruth T.

This product helps regulates bowel movements.


Marti D.

I have taken Flora Tone for several weeks and it has definitely improved my digestive process and colon tone. Highly recommend taking it the suggested 2 times every day.



This is my favorite product. Although I typically eat well, Flora Tone keeps my whole system comfortable and feeling fine. I never worry about digestive upset of any kind — EVER!

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Flora Tone™

Flora Tone

$40.00  | 500mg - 60 Tablets

Flora Tone

$40.00  | 500mg - 60 Tablets
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