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Garshana Massage Gloves

$19.00 Pair

These premium raw silk gloves have just the right amount of texture to exfoliate dead skin without the harshness of a hard bristle brush or rough exfoliating beads. Garshana—dry massage—helps to unclog pores, optimize sweat gland function, and improve lymphatic circulation. 


Garshana (Sanskrit for "friction by rubbing") is an ancient Ayurvedic massage, done with textured, raw silk gloves. Manual massage with garshana gloves stimulates the lymph directly under your skin to carry toxins out of your body at a more efficient rate. Can be used before abhyanga to prime your skin for oils to be readily absorbed. Massage with these gloves daily to: 

  • Promote detoxification of impurities, and stimulate blood flow
  • Improve lymphatic circulation
  • Promote liver health and assist with detoxification (massage releases impurities in the skin & blood vessels)
  • Minimize the appearance of dimpled skin
  • Promote the appearance of smooth, youthful, glowing skin.

Raw silk

Apply medium pressure on clean dry skin. Vigorously massage back and forth over the long bones, and in a circular motion over the joints. Avoid the heart and chest. May be followed with a light oil massage (abhyanga). Massage daily in the morning for maximum benefit.


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Raw Silk Gloves

A simple, daily essential tool for overall health and well-being.

Garshana (Sanskrit for "friction by rubbing") is an ancient aryuvedic massage, done with textured, raw silk gloves.




I vastly prefer these garshana gloves to a dry brush--much simpler and my skin is softer and smoother than using a bristled brush. a quick and effective way to kick off my morning and start the day! also prepares my skin perfectly for the massage oils and helps them to be more effective and longer lasting!


Laura M.

I put off buying these for years because I had a dry brush and didn’t know the difference. Oh my goodness, these feel heavenly, and I actually use them, versus the dry brush which hurts. Lovely step before oil to get the circulation going.


Alex B.

You want to use silk for this exercise and these gloves work as intended

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Garshana Massage Gloves

Garshana Massage Gloves

$19.00  | Pair

Garshana Massage Gloves

$19.00  | Pair
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