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Fine Fall (and winter) Meals: Ayurvedic Soups

ISSUED // February 21

Fine Fall (and winter) Meals: Ayurvedic Soups

Nothing warms and nourishes quite like a hot bowl of delicious soup on a cold fall day. Ayurveda loves soups. They are easy to make, they are nutritious and easy to digest, and they are perfect for the light evening meal recommended by Ayurvedic experts (vaidyas). 

Because they are so easy to digest, soups are ideal for children. Made with fresh organic fall vegetables, grains, pasta, beans, dhals, herbs and traditional Ayurvedic spices, soups make great Ayurvedic dietary anchors. Enjoy your soup with freshly-made chapatis (flatbreads) on the side, and it will be a meal you’ll want to return to.

Soups are also fast. You can have a finished soup ready to serve in 30 minutes. Our Ayurvedic recipes for Beet Soup and Cream of Spinach and Coconut Soup are healthy and easy to make.

Remember, whenever possible, favor fresh, organic and non-GMO foods.

Ayuverda And Digestion

In ayurveda, it isn’t just what you eat, but also how you digest your food.

Maharishi Ayurveda recognizes the central role digestion plays in your overall health. Ayurveda uses a number of approaches to keep digestion strong and balanced. One of the easiest is use of the supplemental herbal called Organic Digest Tone (Triphala Plus). This is a long-revered formulation of herbs that keeps the ayurvedic “digestive fire” balanced. Why is this important? Because when balanced, this digestive fire plays a significant role in removing toxins and creating ojasOjas is the ayurvedic master biochemical that creates bliss and supports connectivity, or the experience of higher states of consciousness, along with stable emotions and immunity. This is the one ayurvedic herbal that supports the assimilation of all others.


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