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Keep things moving. Stoke the digestive fire, improve nutrient absorption, naturally address appetite and cravings, soothe occasional stomach acidity and support healthy intestinal flora.

Digestion Wellness Hub

Try our 10 day mini detox plan and get your digestion back on track, watch Amy's How-To Reels, learn How-to dry brush? Plus learn Yoga poses for good digestion, suggested detox foods, recipes to favor and more!

Check it out for simple, natural strategies to stoke your digestive fire, boost your immunity, and strengthen your overall vitality.

Discover digestion wellness

Maharishi AyurVeda


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Maharishi AyurVeda

Herbal Cleanse®


Banyan Botanicals

Triphala Tablets


Organic India

Triphala 90 Capsules


Organic India

Triphala 180 Capsules

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Maharishi AyurVeda

Food Sensitivity Duo

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Maharishi AyurVeda

Organic Psyllium & Flax