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My Vedic Kitchen—Ayurvedic Rose Petal Spread Recipes

ISSUED // February 28

My Vedic Kitchen—Ayurvedic Rose Petal Spread Recipes

For centuries, rose petals have been used in cuisines ranging from Indian to Middle Eastern to flavor rice dishes, puddings, sweets, and more. In Ayurvedic cooking, rose petals are prized for their distinctive flavor, as well as their many wellness benefits.

New to cooking with roses? Our delicious Organic Rose Petal Spread makes it easy! In this article, you’ll find a few of our favorite recipes.

Rose Petal Spread Benefits

In Ayurveda, rose petals have traditionally been used to uplift the heart and cool the mind and body. They have naturally sweet and astringent qualities, making them very balancing to fiery Pitta dosha. Rose petals are also used in Ayurveda to help balance Sadhaka Pitta—the subdosha of Pitta that governs the heart and emotions. Last but not least, roses in food express love and elegance, just like the flowers themselves. Our Organic Rose Petal Spread makes it easy to enjoy these benefits by the spoonful. You can also try it on toast, or in your cooking.

Rose Petal Dessert Recipes

For many years, our Organic Rose Petal Cookie recipe has been a popular Valentine’s Day favorite. Whip up a batch for someone special to spread the love. Or, for a dessert with a Persian flair, try this Organic Rose Halva recipe.

Rose Petal Beverages

Rose Petal Milk is a traditional Ayurvedic bedtime beverage for sweet dreams and a peaceful sleep. For even more soothing benefits, try this Ayurvedic Rose Petal Thirst Quencher recipe, which includes cooling licorice, fennel, and cardamom. You can enjoy both drinks any time of day.

For a beverage with probiotic benefits, try our Sweet Rose Petal Lassi at lunchtime. This drink not only tastes divine, it includes yogurt to aid digestion and elimination. Our Organic Rose Petal Spread also helps to cleanse the intestines and support natural regularity.

Rose Petal Dressing & Sauce

Not just for use in sweets and beverages, rose petals can be used in savory dishes, dressings, and sauces as well. For a savory twist, our lightly spiced Rose Petal Sauce recipe makes a delicious topping for proteins and vegetables (though it’s nice on desserts, too).

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