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Sunday Brunch Live Episode 1: How to Rebound When You’re Feeling Sluggish & Lackluster At Any Age.

“How to Rebound When You’re Feeling Sluggish & Lackluster” (at any age!)—with Your Hosts Shawn Diddy, PhD Candidate and Sankari Wegman, PhD plus special guest Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Coach Amy Reyes.

Serving up fresh perspectives on the ancient science of Ayurvedic eating, herbs, and living—with special guests and YOUR questions. Feeling creaky, sluggish, and uninspired? Got the midlife blahs? Aging doesn’t have to be a time when you slow down and accumulate aches and pains. You’ll learn: How to spice things up—in the kitchen and elsewhere. What foods help you feel youthful and vital naturally. Why your microbiome matters when it comes to healthy aging. An easy daily regimen to detox ama (toxins) and build ojas (vitality). Why exercise matters—get moving with yoga, walks, and more!
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