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Sunday Brunch Live Episode 3: What Scientists Are Learning About Ayurvedic Herbs & Immunity.

Curious about the science behind time-tested Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, turmeric, and amla berry? Join us Sunday, May 15, at 11 a.m. Central Time for “What Scientists Are Learning About Ayurvedic Herbs & Immunity”—with special guest Vaidya Manohar Palakurthi, BAMS. You’ll learn:

  • Why Ayurvedic herbs are increasingly making headlines for their many benefits
  • All about ashwagandha, turmeric, and amla berry—3 of the most in-demand Ayurvedic botanicals
  • The best—and tastiest—ways to incorporate these herbs into your daily diet and routine (spoiler alert: it’s not gummies!)
  • All about Amrit Kalash, one of the most researched Ayurvedic supplements
  • And more...
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