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The Anima Mundi Story

As a little girl in Costa Rica, Adriana Ayales was fascinated by shamanic style healing, hands-on energy work, and botany. She went on to study tribal style herbalism—apprenticing with experts in Costa Rica, the Amazon, and California—before training in classic Western and European herbology and opening a private practice. After her interests led her to the study of astrology, cosmology, and consciousness, she founded Anima Mundi Herbals. Today, Anima Mundi offers pure, therapeutic herbal formulas that integrate Indigenous traditions while supporting Indigenous lands and economies.

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On a Mission to Bridge Ancient Remedies

Since Anima Mundi’s early days in Adriana’s small home office space, the company has sustainably grown to include more than 200 different botanicals from around the world. They are proud to provide safe, well-sourced botanicals to holistic wellness practitioners and physicians, as well as hotels and boutiques. All products are made in an FDA-registered and cGMP certified facility.

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Supporting Indigenous Land & Peoples

A family-owned and operated business, Anima Mundi believes in sustainable growth at every step. This begins with honoring the land—and the people who have lived with it in harmony for generations. Anima Mundi educates and supports true fair trade practices, going beyond organic farming to education and supporting small farmers.

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