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Meet Banyan Botanicals

Since they first opened their doors in 1996, Banyan has been on a mission to be a healing force in the world by helping people achieve and maintain vibrant health and well-being through the wisdom of Ayurveda. They are passionate about providing exceptional quality herbal products that have a positive impact on all who are involved in the process—their farm partners, suppliers, communities, employees, customers, and of course, the planet we all call home.

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Creating Positive Change

As a Certified B Corporation, Banyan uses their business as a way to create positive change in the world, caring for people, plants, and planet. This certification—along with their other rigorous third-party certifications, including USDA organic, Fair for Life, and FairWild—help them stay accountable and on track with their commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

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Caring for People, Plants, and Planet

As a company informed and inspired by Ayurveda, Banyan recognizes that their mission goes beyond the health of the individual and must take into account the health of the whole. With this in mind, environmental and social responsibility is woven into the foundation of how they operate, from pursuing organic, regenerative agriculture with their farm partners to supporting their community with charitable giving.

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