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In our ongoing efforts toward sustainability, we’re partnering with EcoCart to help offset greenhouse gasses with every order! Anytime you make a purchase on, you can choose to make your order carbon neutral.

How it works

When people create and ship products, greenhouse gasses are generated. Over time, these gasses trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. When you choose a Carbon Neutral Order in your shopping cart, you’re helping to offset those gasses and becoming part of the solution!

Little Choices Make a Big Difference

Every time you choose a Carbon Neutral Order in your shopping cart, it has a measurable impact on the world we live in and the air we breathe.



Protecting Forests & Wildlife in Northern California

We're helping to safeguard wildlife and their habitat along one of Northern California's iconic rivers. Twenty miles southeast of California's iconic Mt. Shasta, the McCloud River project employs Improved Forest Management(IFM) initiatives to lower carbon-emissions related to forestry.

IFM is an agriculture, forestry, and land-use project that draws on sustainable forestry practices that result in increased carbon stocks within forests and/or reduces greenhouse gas emissions during forestry activities. Through these sustainable practices, landowners are able to preserve more forest and actually increase the amount of carbon stored by the property over time. The McCloud River project also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere in Northern California and provides safe habitats for wildlife.


Acts as a natural water filter for surrounding areas, helping to create a water cycle that is not tainted by pollutants or disrupted by deforestation.

Bolsters the local economy through sustainably-extracted timber, thus creating jobs for people in the forestry sector.

Provides safe and protected habitat to key wildlife.

Generates a return on investment for landowners through sustainable forest management that increases the total carbon stores.


Helping Families in India Breathe Cleaner Air

We’re passionate about helping families breathe clean air in India—the land of MAPI’s heritage, and the birthplace of our founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

In India’s Maharashtra State, 70% of households rely on firewood for cooking, which has caused dramatic deforestation in the region. The cattle in this region also produce methane emissions. We’re helping to transition families in the area from wood-burning stoves to household biodigesters—which turn both cow dung and human waste into “biogas”—a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable fuel. Switching to a biodigester reduces the reliance on local forests.


Preserves local and threatened forests: firewood usage has dropped by 93–95%.

Reduces toxic smoke in the home to create a cleaner home environment.

Provides a clean, organic fertilizer—richer in ammonia than manufactured fertilizers—that improves soil and crops.

Combats climate change by reducing emissions from methane, a greenhouse gas that would otherwise be released into the air from decaying cow dung, and instead uses it for fuel.

A biodigester with a capacity of 2 cubic meters is sufficient to provide cooking fuel for a family of four to five members. Without the biodigester, the methane from the cow waste would be released into the atmosphere as it decomposes and the forest would become further degraded with continued reliance on burning wood for fuel.

In Sanskrit, the word prana means breath, or universal life force.