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The Oshadhi Story

In the 1970s, German scholar Malte Hozzel, Ph.D., developed a strong interest in essential oils and their application, spurred by his study of self-knowledge and meditation. He began traveling the world in a quest to find the highest-quality oils, sourcing them directly from sustainable growers. In 1990, Dr. Hozzel founded Ayus Essential Oils International. Two years later, he founded an aromatherapy seminar center named Orto De Prouvenco. Today, Dr. Hozzel and his business partners in over 40 countries offer essential oils of uncompromising purity and efficacy.

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Supporting Sustainability

In Sanskrit, the word oshadhi literally translates to “carrier of light.” In Vedic civilization, therapeutic plants were lauded for transforming sunlight into nutrients that would benefit human beings. In Vedic literature, the word oshadhi refers to medicinal plants. Honoring this ancient tradition, Oshadhi sources their botanical ingredients sustainably, working with farmers who share their ideals of organic agriculture.

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Regreening the Planet, One Tree at a Time

Our planet “breathes” through the plant world—particularly, through trees. For this reason, Oshadhi is a strong proponent of reforestation, donating funds to One Tree Planted to support tree planting.

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