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Chico Honey
Chico Honey

The Chico Honey Story

With three generations of beekeeping behind them, the Chico Honey family knows everything there is to know about honey—and bees. Owner Josh Olivarez grew up in the honey business, helping his dad and grandfather to build bee boxes, tending to the hives, and driving bee trucks through almond orchards. From an early age, he learned firsthand how important it is to keep the bees healthy and happy. Simply put, happy bees make better honey. To this day, the family-run team still fills every jar themselves.

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Putting The Bees First

Before a single drop of Chico Honey is harvested, the family has already put in countless hours ensuring the wellbeing of their bees. With diminishing bee populations worldwide, it’s more important than ever to support thriving colonies. Healthy bees make for a healthy planet—and for much tastier honey, as well! Chico Honey knows that the ancient artform of beekeeping plays a vital role in ensuring a bright future
for us all.

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Chico Honey

Always Unpasturized

Chico Honey is pure, raw, undiluted, unfiltered, unblended, and never processed or pasteurized. From a scientific standpoint, the heat of pasteurization breaks down the many benefits inherent in honey, from the amino acids to the enzymes and flavor. Raw honey has a much more rich, complex profile and flavor, and it’s also Ayurveda-approved. (Ayurveda teaches us that heating honey can lead to ama—digestive toxins). Let your taste buds be the judge!

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