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Cliff Family

The Clif Family Honey Story

Clif Family’s farmers didn’t set out to become beekeepers. They started out with a great orchard for produce, but it didn’t yield much bounty. Once they introduced bees, they saw a dramatic increase in not only the fruits and vegetables they grew, but also in the overall health of their farm. Now, their delicious, Solar-Grown honey is an integral part of all they offer. Planting pollinator-friendly habitat in solar farms helps contribute to a vibrant ecosystem and supports the health of our planet’s challenged pollinator populations.

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Protecting At-Risk Pollinators

It’s an unfortunate fact: nearly 30% of North America’s bumble bee species are in a state of decline. Bees are integral to the quality and quantity of the produce we eat, from vegetables through fruits and grains. Insecticides are part of the problem, along with a loss of habitat. With the launch of their sustainable, pesticide-free, Solar-Grown honey, Clif Family is helping to safeguard the health of our bees, ecosystems, and food supplies.

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Sustainable, Zero-Waste Farming

At Clif Family, all 90 acres of their farm and vineyards are certified organic. What’s more, 100% of the electricity used to power their business comes from renewable sources such as local solar and wind energy projects. In all they do, Clif Family strives to be zero waste and maximum sustainability. Each year, about 12,000 pounds of food waste from the Food Truck is composted back to the land. They are also working to transition their food packaging to either compostable or recyclable by the year 2025.

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