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Pure Indian Foods
Pure Indian Foods

The Pure Indian Foods Story

Sandeep Agarwal
 was working as a computer scientist when his young son started experiencing chronic health issues. He dove deep into research, eager to find answers that would help his son. To his surprise, the very foods his family had been producing since 1889—pure, quality ghee products—were recommended and highly regarded as superfoods with a multitude of health benefits. Sandeep and his wife, Nalini reconnected with their heritage and in 2008, brought their family ghee business to the United States with a vision to spread ghee’s superfood status far and wide.

Today, the Agarwals continue to uphold their family legacy with a wide variety of Ayurvedic herb and spice-infused ghee products still produced following their ancestors' time-tested techniques and traditions focused on quality rather than quantity.

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Taking A Stand For Sustainability: From The Ground Up

Pure Indian believes in creating products that nurture local communities and economies while standing for sustainability and the environment. They partner with small farms that know that honoring the natural cycles of the land and life will create the best product for everyone. It starts with the soil; it must be nutrient-rich, free from chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. Healthy soil makes healthy, lush green grass that the cows graze on, and in turn this makes for the most nutritious milk that turns into butter, and then ghee. For every purchase of Pure Indian ghee, small farmers are supported and it helps them stay in business.

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Causes For Caring: Work With Local And National Non-Profits

Pure Indian partners with like-minded people and organizations that share their vision of a more sustainable, healthy, and happy world. In their work with local and national non-profits, Pure Indian makes charitable donations, sponsors events, participates in conservation work, and matches gifts. Among the organizations they support are the Kick Cancer movement that uplifts families with cancer, Real Food Recovery which helps nourish orphans, United Plant Savers that works to conserve medicinal plants, The Cornucopia Institute which engages in education around sustainability and food issues, and more.

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