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Rasasara Skinfood
Rasasara Skinfood

The Rasasara Skinfood Story

Sonia Lloyd was on a skincare quest to find products that would soothe her sensitive skin. No matter what she tried—conventional and natural approaches, even whole food detoxing—she couldn’t fix her dry/oily skin or keep breakouts at bay. In 1998 she read an article on Ayurvedic skincare titled, ‘If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.’ Sonia mixed up skincare for her Pitta skin type, and never looked back. In 2003, she decided to share her Ayurvedic skincare secrets with the world. Rasasara was born with the intention to balance dosha-specific skin types with the beauty of nature.

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Reducing Plastic to Minimise Environmental Impact

Rasasara knows the beauty industry is a major culprit in excessive plastic waste that harms our planet. In early 2020 they launched their Refill & Reuse Initiative that incentivizes customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Local customers can send their empty bottles back to Rasasara to refill, which are returned with a small gift of appreciation. Customers everywhere are encouraged to reuse droppers, pump caps, and spray bottles—these items are now sold separately in an effort to reduce plastic parts. At Rasasara, true beauty and wellbeing mean not only taking care of self and others, but planet earth, too.

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