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T2 Tea
T2 Tea

The T2 Story

T2 founder Maryanne Shearer never expected to start a tea shop and become a leading tea-industry expert. A lifelong passion for fashion and design led the Australian entrepreneur to start a homewares company—but it wasn’t taking off. One day, inspiration struck over a strong cup of tea with her business partner. T2 was born. Today, T2 offers a broad range of artisanal teas with a rich bouquet of flavors, fragrances, sustainably sourced ingredients, and environmentally friendly packaging. We love them for their artful blends with Ayurvedic herbal ingredients and benefits.

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Sustainably Sourced, Socially-Minded

T2 is passionate about sourcing their artisan teas from suppliers who treat workers fairly, offer their communities support, and help improve their health and wellbeing. In line with the Unilever Responsible Sourcing Policy, they search for tea leaves, herbs, fruits, and spices that comply with Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic, and UTZ certifications. Our planet is precious and deserves to be treated as such.

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Reusable, Recyclable, Or Compostable Packaging

The world needs less clutter and more green spaces. That’s why most of T2’s packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. They also strive to be free of all plastics sourced from fossil fuels. To that end, T2 has begun transitioning their petroleum-based bags to plant-based bags you can compost in your own backyard. Their retail bags are now 100% recyclable, diverting more than 250 tonnes of waste from landfills each year. A greener future? We’ll drink (tea) to that!

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