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The Tamra Copper Story

On a visit to Rishikesh many years ago, Cheryl Freeman stepped into a general goods store, where a shiny copper water bottle sitting on a dusty shelf caught her attention. Intrigued, she inquired about the bottle with the shopkeeper. After learning about its Ayurvedic health benefits, she had a lightbulb moment. She would bring the “tamara jal” concept back to the states with eco-friendly and beautifully designed bottles.

Today, Cheryl runs Tamra Copper LA, an Ayurvedic copper water bottle company that’s as good for the environment as it is for health. By replacing single-use plastic bottles, copper bottles are a sustainable choice that help to cleanse the body as well as the earth.

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Copper’s Cleansing Properties: A Wide Range Of Health Benefits

The natural, antiseptic qualities of copper work to purify water, neutralize toxins, and help to balance the pH, increasing it’s alkalinity. According to age-old Ayurvedic texts, sipping on “tamra jal”—water that has been sitting in a copper vessel for a few hours or overnight—bestows nutrients and health benefits like antioxidants that fight free radicals, bolsters the immune system, supports digestion, strengthens the hair and nails, and much more.

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