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The Teatulia Story

In Bangladesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas, lies a pristine, organic tea garden—one of the world’s largest. Not that long ago, in 2000, this lush landscape was completely barren. Using the natural, regenerative farming practices of Japanese Master Masanobu Fukuoka, the Teatulia team and farmers brought it back to life. Today, Teatulia offers delicious tea blends from their own garden while empowering women farmers with innovative education, health, and cattle-lending programs.

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Straight From Their Garden To Your Cup

Teatulia is “single-garden direct,” which means their tea goes straight from their own organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh to your cup. No other tea company in the US does this. Being single-garden direct means the tea is incredibly fresh (no sitting around in warehouses), and it also allows farmers complete control over how the land and tea is used. Teatulia’s 3,000-acre garden is one of the largest organic tea gardens in the world. It’s the first certified organic and fair trade certified garden in Bangladesh.

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Ayurvedic Herbs Instead Of Pesticides

How does Teatulia keep destructive pests out of their expansive tea garden? With simple Ayurvedic herbs, rather than pesticides. Their “do no harm to the environment” manifesto helps the region to flourish, instead of withering under harmful synthetics. Teatulia works with farmers rather than machinery, using nature’s abundance instead of unnatural irrigation. They simply let Mother Nature take over. Today, the garden is flourishing, and the local ecosystem has been completely regenerated.

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