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The Wild Grace Story

Wild Grace was born from a desire to help women discover and reveal their true radiance. The journey started with Kim, the company’s founder. For years, Kim struggled with issues related to digestion, her monthly cycle, and sensitive skin. While doing yoga teacher training as part of her wellness journey, she was introduced to Ayurveda—India’s ancient system of wellness. Soon after, she became an Ayurvedic practitioner, acquired certification in skincare formulation, and began creating her natural skincare products.

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Plant-Based Beauty = True Nourishment

At Wild Grace, every ingredient comes from whole-plant sources, whether leaves, herbs, or roots. Each botanical is selected for its nourishing and restorative properties. Wild Grace formulas are made with meticulous attention and intention at every step—and that nourishment carries over to you.

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Training Ayurvedic Estheticians

Join the natural beauty revolution! Wild Grace offers a 2-day training protocol for certified aestheticians seeking to incorporate Ayurveda into their skincare practice. The Wild Grace Protocol offers detailed information on skincare and the doshas. Plus, you’ll learn how to bring balance through massage, sound therapy, relaxation techniques, and more.

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