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Love Your Gut Set

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Looking for an easy way to reset your digestion? Give your gut some love! This set includes timeless tools for gentle, continual cleansing. Silk Garshana Massage Gloves, Organic Energize Kapha Tea, and Organic Triphala Rose work to boost lymphatic circulation through massage, wake up a sluggish gut, and support digestive detox in just three simple steps. 

Set Includes:
Silk Garshana (Lymphatic) Massage Gloves: These premium raw silk gloves have just the right amount of texture to exfoliate dead skin without the harshness of a hard bristle brush or rough exfoliating beads. Garshana—dry massage—helps to unclog pores, optimize sweat gland function, and improve lymphatic circulation to carry toxins out of your body at a more efficient rate.
Organic Energize Kapha Tea:  Start your morning with a stimulating mug of this zesty, delicious tea to shake off sluggishness and wake up naturally, caffeine-free. Ginger, pepper, cloves, and cardamom help boost digestion, metabolism, and circulation, while quelling occasional gas and bloating. Turmeric is an antioxidant powerhouse, and saffron supports nutrient assimilation and toxin elimination. 
Organic Triphala Rose: This famous, age-old Ayurvedic formula features three synergistic fruits with added cooling cabbage rose that work as a gentle daily digestive detox and bowel cleanser. Triphala Rose is a powerful, time-tested herbal remedy traditionally used to encourage regular elimination, support better assimilation of nutrients, and strengthen digestive health, immunity, and overall well being.  

In Ayurveda, digestion and detoxification are closely connected and share many of the same pathways. In our modern world, we’re surrounded by toxins, and they tend to build up and lead to imbalances. This trio of tools stimulates, strengthens, and cleanses your lymphatic and digestive systems to more efficiently expel toxins for better health and vitality.  

Silk Garshana (Lymphatic) Massage Gloves: Raw Silk

Organic Energize Kapha Tea: Organic ginger (rhizome), Organic clove (flower bud), Organic pepper (fruit), Organic cardamom (fruit), Organic turmeric (rhizome), Organic saffron (stigma).

Organic Triphala Rose: Organic chebulic myrobalan/haritaki (fruit), Organic amla/amalaki (fruit), Organic belleric myrobalan/bibhitaki (fruit), Organic cabbage rose (flower petal). Other ingredients: Opadry nutrapure (Organic maltodextrin, Organic sunflower lecithin, Organic palm oil, Organic guar gum), Organic tapioca starch.

Silk Garshana (Lymphatic) Massage Gloves: On dry, clean skin, apply medium-firm pressure and vigorously massage back and forth over the long bones and in a circular motion over the joints. Avoid massaging over the heart and chest. If desired and time allows, follow garshana massage with a light ayurvedic oil massage (abhyanga) to soothe the skin. Because garshana opens the pores, doing abhyanga afterwards allows the herbal massage oil to better penetrate and nourish the skin more deeply giving it the love it needs.

Our Garshana gloves are one-size-fits-all. The product is intended to fit loosely on your hand and be used in a direction that does not encourage the glove slipping off. In general, if one uses the glove rubbing lightly and sideways, it usually will not slip off, but we do understand that for smaller hands this can still be an issue. Please contact our customer service department if you have issues with fit, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Organic Energize Kapha Tea: Place one tea bag in one cup of boiling water and steep for 2-5 minutes. Enjoy with lemon, sweetener or milk to taste.

Organic Triphala Rose: Take 1 or more tablets with warm water, one hour before bedtime, not exceeding 3 tablets per day.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Amalaki (fruit) is “the best among rejuvenative herbs,” according to Charaka Samhita (ancient Ayurvedic text). Purifies toxins, strengthens the liver, improves nutrient absorption, boosts digestive fires without overheating.

Bibhitaki (fruit) cleanses the nutritive fluid, blood, muscle, and fat tissue.

Ginger boosts digestion, improves assimilation, and promotes healthy circulation.

Clove is traditionally used to promote healthy circulation, digestion, and metabolism and to quell occasional gas and bloating.

Silk Garshana (Lymphatic) Massage Gloves are made from premium raw silk with a gentle yet effective texture. When used for massage, they help stimulate the lymph directly under your skin to carry toxins out of your body at a more efficient rate. Organic Energize Kapha Tea is a delicious, zesty blend of stimulating spices including organic ginger, pepper, saffron, cloves, and cardamom to help perk up body and mind, alike. Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest difference. What makes our Organic Triphala Rose special? Tri-phala means “three fruits” (haritaki, amalaki, and bibhitaki) in Sanskrit. We’ve added cabbage rose to our signature formula for its cooling properties.

Garshana (Sanskrit for "friction by rubbing") is an ancient Ayurvedic massage, done with Silk Garshana (Lymphatic) Massage Gloves. The practice can be done before abhyanga to prime your skin for oils to be readily absorbed.

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic experts have used herb-and-spice teas to harmonize the mind and balance the body. When creating our Organic Energize Kapha Tea, we worked closely with Ayurvedic herbalists who recommended this tasty, balancing blend.

Our Triphala Rose is crafted with care from sustainably sourced botanicals in India. The fruit is gathered from pristine, unpolluted areas and grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or exposure to environmental pollutants. Once gathered, the fruit is sorted and tested to ensure each batch is of the utmost quality and perfect ripeness. The ingredients are processed so as to not destroy the natural properties of the fruits (no high heat is used during manufacturing).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Love Your Gut Set

Love Your Gut Set

$36.00  | Set

Love Your Gut Set

$36.00  | Set
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